Sunday, November 1, 2009

special day..~

a special day 4 me..~
2day is my birthday..^^

yesterday v go lyn house 4 a party..
v cook sum meal n v eat our dinner there:)
these are sum food tat cook by us--[actually i juz help a bit bit nia..~hee]

lyn---tomyam fish~[ i lik tis luu..^^]
nicole---steam egg~
qing---sambal prawn~[quite delicious la..juz the 'jiang yu zi' make the meal gt bit bitter..]

after tat..
they make a surprise 4 me..
lyn take a cake n they all sing birthday song~
haha...too touch tat time..i cry><...
really thx them for making all these...[lyn.qing.nicole.jiaqi.twt.xb.junjie.leng n more~]
they giv me a present too~a donald's cute...i lik it^^

these things ll b in my memory forever..~

thx frens...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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